August 16, 2019 Babies 3 No Comments

Happy Friday!! What an amazing day we have all had in babies 3 today. We have spent quite a bit of time outside as the babies love exploring the outside area. Pip and Birdie’s favourite is the foam blocks, strengthening their gross motor skills as they climb, slide and crawl up and over. 

Blake has had a much better day today settling into her new surroundings, as each day goes by Blake will become more familiar with her peers, educators and environment. Blake loves looking through picture books, watching her friend Sophia chase bubbles, and clapping when we sing songs. Well done Blake!!

Jaxon is a very busy boy, he loves banging and hammering on the wooden tool bench, smiling at the load noises he is making. Maybe he will be a carpenter when he grows up :))

Sophia has spent lots of time exploring today, role playing in home corner as she cooked up a storm in the kitchen, then away our busy little bee flies moving onto her next activity. Sophie also strengthened her gross motor skills as she joined her friends on the foam blocks.

Our babies are all enjoying our group time singing, listening, jigging, clapping and even having a go at the actions. The Wheels On The Bus, If Your Happy And You Know It, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Incy Wincy Spider. Are just a few we have been singing.

Thank you all for such a beautiful day and week. Have a great weekend!! 

Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxxx

Written by elcbabies3