September 11, 2019 Babies 1 No Comments

Welcome to all of our amazing families, well here we are at the middle of the week already, we have had so many fun adventures this week and today was no exception……today the children were able to experience DINO SLIME! This was a fantastic extension for our dinosaur week. For this activity we created slime using psyllium husk, water and a little green food colouring (this part of the activity was done the night before) the children were very interested and most were eager to touch the slime straight away. We used the dinos to stomp through the slime and Miss Anita said the dinos like to eat the slime……next everyone had their dinos snacking away on the slime ,great imagination babies one! The children then initiated placing leaves from outside into the slime along with dirt from our garden for the dinos to eat! A great experience for our creative minds! We also took this as an opportunity to look at the colour green as our slime was green.
All children had gymnastics with Miss Kim today, we all had a fantastic time swinging on the rings and jumping into the foam pit, we also are doing so well with our ladder climbing!
Lunch today was fish empanadas with baby vegies, using a sustainable white fish, we all had second servings…great work babies one!
We hope you all have a great evening
Miss Rochelle and Miss Anita xoxo

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