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December 5, 2019 Babies 2 No Comments

Good evening families.

What a fabulous day we have had. It has been full of christmas spirit and fun.

this morning we enjoyed a play in our room, and helped miss stacey blow up some balloons for our balloon garland that we will be displaying this afternoon. We identified the colours red and green and linked it to our christmas theme.

We then went outside for a short play, ensuring we kept an eye on the temperature so that if it got too hot we would come inside. We decided to come inside around ten to eight as we had a special christmas show to prepare for. The children ate up all their jelly and wiped their faces and sat at the door ready to walk up to the toddlers room.

We had a bit of spare time when we arrived upstairs so we decided to offer the climbing net for the children to explore. All our babies were very brave and had a go at climbing on their own, we were very impressed.

It was finally time for us to be seated for the show, our babies showed excellent listening skills and sat very nicely. During the show we sang christmas songs, some of our friends dressed up and we even played limbo. It was so much fun.

When we returned we had playdough set up on the table ready for us to play with. It was then finally lunch time then off for a big rest so we can be reenergised for the party.

We cant wait to celebrate with everybody.

Lots of love,

Miss stacey and miss sana x


Written by elcbabies3

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