Good evening families and welcome to another fun day here in Pre Kindy.

The highlights of our day are:

This morning at group time we were joined by Senior kindy! We sang our good morning song, days of the week, practiced our alphabet and counting. We then sang ‘Happy if you know it’, ‘slippery fish’, ‘big and small’ and ‘five little monkeys’.

Such awesome listeners. Then it was time for our show!


Before lunch we danced with some of our all-time favourite hits then made our beds and our friend’s beds who were at gymnastics. We then sat on the mat and enjoyed listening to Hendrix’s book about Three little pigs. Charlie then asked if we could read his book again from yesterday, so we finished our group time with Charlie’s ABC book. Thanks, boys, for sharing your books with us.

Today we had our African Beats show!

Mr Samoko is from Africa and came to show the children some cool African instruments and some songs.

First he showed the ‘Ahai’ (shaker), Ada came up to have a turn at using it!

We then looked at ‘Woso- woso’ (another type of shaker), Theodore and Sammy explored this one.

Mia explored the ‘Gango- whi’ and everyone was able to have a bang on the Jambe (drum).

The children were able to do some dancing, singing and Mr Samoko told some stories and did some magic tricks as well. The children loved this today!

Thanks Pre Kindy for another lovely day.

Lots of Love,

Miss Thea and Miss Sana xx.

Written by elcprekindy