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Toddlers 2 – Friday 14th February 2020

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Happy Love

Happy LOVE day families!

Today we could play outside for a bit because the sun was out! We were all really excited to go out and run, we payed in the obstacle circuit and  we did races with the bikes, we used the sensory trays with pasta and rice.

Evie, Elsie, Finn ,Adam and Emmy enjoyed pouring the rice into different cups and using measuring utensils and spoons to mix and scoop. Jai and Mikey were running all over the yard, climbing the obstacle circuit and doing races. They all enjoyed their time out.

This morning we talked about the weather because it’s so different from yesterday, they look out the window and noticed the sun was up and no rain was falling down. We talked as well about San Valentines and about feelings.

Mikey and Jai said that it was sunny outside and Emmy said there was no storm anymore, she also said she is not scared of thunder. Then we all cuddle Finn because he was feeling sad, and we gave him so much love because it’s love day today, we all said I love you to each other J

For activity time the children enjoyed self selected activities such as:

  • Heart threading
  • Red playdough and love heart cutters
  • Cooking time: we made choc chips cookies, The children got to choose the activity they wanted to enjoy at any time, Apollon went so do some play dough and after he came to watch the cooking experience. Emmy, Jai, Mikey and Mason were really interested in the cookies so they helped out to mix the dough and the choc chips. We tried to do  love heart shapes but wasn’t working so we did the round shape better.



Have a great weekend!


Miss Des’ree, Miss Dakota and Miss Marina

Written by elctoddlers2

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