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Toddlers 2 – Thursday 7th May 2020

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Hello toddlers 1 and 2 families!

This morning while we waited for all our friends to arrive to kindy. The children explored the activities in the yard.Michael, Emmy, Onyx and Mason took turns on the on the obstacle course. Michael was very excited and said “look im balancing!”. Well done Mikey!

Emmy enjoyed the babies and practiced changing their nappies.

Mason, Alby and Emmy then enjoyed a small activity with Miss Des’ree and made some bath bombs. We mixed together all delicious smelling ingredients and put them in the fridge to set.

Zephyr, Mack and Chen yi explored the exercise balls and utilized their gross motor skills to push and kick the balls as far as they could.

Apollon, George, Onyx, Ocean and Lazar played on the bikes then all together explored the trucks in the sandpit.


Miss Des’ree then played the song ‘baby shark’ on the speaker and Jules, Emmy, Mikey, Finn, Onyx, Ocean, George and Claudia did all the actions to the song.

Once all of our friends had arrived we enjoyed some fruits and cake to refuel our energy Miss Sue enchanted the children with another group time. She sang:

  • The days of the week
  • Open shut them
  • Germs so away song

To finish up the group time she read two special stories about Mothers and Mothers day.

The children then transitioned to the bathroom to wash their hands.

For activity time Toddlers Two ventured inside to take care of our worm farm. The children shredded left over watermelon and bananas to keep a wriggly worms nice and happy. The toddlers love the process and squeal with excitement every time the blender turns on. When we finished feeding the worms we went outside for some activities. We observed:

  • Onyx, Theo, Tiana, Michael, Emmy, Mason and George practice their fine motor skills with the qtips and egg carton activity
    • Ocean Lazar and Jules did handprint art and got their fingers all messy with fun and exploration
    • Apollon, Zephyr, Chen Yi and Finn danced all around the yard
    • Michael, Claudia, Alby and Mack played with all the animals on the fort and took them on an adventure to the jungle!

    Over all its been a beautiful day

    See you all tomorrow

    Miss Des’ree, Miss Dakota, Miss Marina, Miss Sue and Miss Rowena


Written by elctoddlers1

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