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Rain rain go away we want to go outside and play! The babies have been very energetic today, they have wanted to run around and be busy. We planned a variety of activities for them today including play dough, rainbow collages and drawing. We had several group times which involved Dancing singing and reading stories. We also had a music time group experience where the babies awake at the time Penny, Elle, Lennox and Jaxon sat down together to play the drums and mini pianos. Lennox absolutely loved playing the drum and banged it as hard as he could with a huge smile on his face. Jaxon had two sticks and banged them gently then got louder and louder, Penny and Elle were playing the mini pianos but wanted a turn of the drums so they sat in closer and shared with the boys. All four of them banged away on the drums happily as Miss Hayley sang some songs to them.

After Music Time was finished we set up some play dough at the table, Miss Stacey sat with the babies and showed them how to play with the dough. Lennox loved squishing the dough but kept trying to eat it, Jude who had just woken up from his nap also thought the dough was very interesting he used the rolling pin to make patterns in the dough. Audrey spent her time at the table squeezing the dough into balls and then made a pile out of them. Jaxon tried to show his teddy how to use play dough and decorated him in a lovely shade of blue, while Elle decided to put her play dough jewelry on (Miss Stacey may have helped).

In the afternoon the sun began to shine slightly between the clouds so we all headed out for a run in the front yard and a play in the side yard with Babies 1. All the babies were very happy to be outside.

See you tomorrow babies.

From Miss Hayley & Miss Stacey 🙂

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