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August 13, 2020 Kindergarten 1 No Comments

Book sharing: (Book week will take place in the last week of August (24th-28thAugust) and finish with a dress-up day on Friday, 28thAugust.)

From next week, 17thAugust, we will start a book-share in Kindergarten 1. First, let your child pick a (non-precious and clearly labelled with your child’s name) book and bring it to school in the folder that we sent home last week. Second, we will share these books with everyone at school. Third, your child will take their OWN book home in their folder. Lastly, feel free to bring in another book to share on the next day that your child is at school.

Reminder: This Friday, 14thAugust is a public Holiday and the school will be shut. Enjoy your long weekend, everyone!


Treasure: May you please help us collect empty detergent bottles for sandpit play? The children have been squirting sand with water, which has been loads of fun for them. Also, they really liked tomato sauce bottles in home corner. If you can think of anything else that we could use for pretend play in the kitchen, please bring it in!


Recycled paper for drawing: Does anyone work in an office with lots of scrap paper which is blank on one side? We have printing paper they could use. However, we’re asking just in case we can save some trees!

Good morning family and friends,

First thing this morning, Charli asked if Milah was going to come to school with her ‘bestie’ shirt on. Indeed, Milah did have a bestie shirt when she got to school. Both girls have bestie shirts on today. How cute!

At the start of the day, Leo, who is the teacher’s helper of the day, did a ‘talking’ show and tell. Hannah asked him about his toys at home, and Hunter asked him what he got for his last birthday. Leo said that he likes monster trucks and will like something that he can drive for his next birthday.

Out of the blue, we had a fire drill! Everyone did well. When Miss Qiu called them to line up, they did so without any fuss, then walked out in an orderly line.

During group time, Miss Qiu explained that we were finally going to make something out of the box that Isla’s family so kindly donated to us. But, the children disagreed as to what we could make with it. Some wanted aeroplanes, whilst others wanted a cubby house. In order to resolve the issues, Miss Qiu called for a vote and explained that a vote means you only get to make one choice amongst all the choices. In the end, 5 children wanted aeroplanes whereas 13 wanted cubby houses.

Then, we started our day. Mr Lachie carried on with Father’s Day craft with Hunter, Alexander, Rohan and Jonah. Milah and Hannah started off with the doll’s house. Oscar Z and Chen Xi made swimming pools with the connector blocks.

Meanwhile, Ada, Kai, Mason, Kallum, Isla, Leo and Matthew helped Miss Qiu turn the box that Isla donated into a cubby house. Together, we talked about where we could put the door. Next, we decided that we could secure the sides together. First, we tried using making tape, but that didn’t work. Then, we turned it on its side and discussed what we could do. Isla told Miss Qiu that she had special sticky glue at home. Great idea, Isla! We used some cushions to hold one side of the box up, then applied glue all over the top. After securing it with some clips, Miss Qiu told them that we had to be patient and wait for the glue to dry.

Before we knew it, time had flown, and it was time to pack away.

Before a delicious lunch of chicken curry and rice, the children revised the sounds of the alphabet from a-w. After our lunch and group time we had a very fun and active dance lesson with Miss Jen. The children are really enjoying these weekly lessons.

Enjoy the long weekend!


Miss Qiu and Mr Lachie.


Written by elckindy

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