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Pre Kindy – Wednesday 9th September, 2020

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Morning group –
We started with our morning routine:
• Good morning song
• Days of the week
• Counting and number recognition
• ABCs
• Identifying today’s weather
As a group we talk about the upcoming puppet show! The children were very excited to see what kind of puppets they had. We also discussed the appropriate behaviour we are expected to see during the show. We then lined up at the door and headed outside to enjoy the show.

During the show children sat very beautifully and enjoyed dancing, singing and participating in games.

Before lunch, children sat with Miss Thea where she used finger puppets to sing children songs such as ‘three little speckled frogs’, ‘five little monkeys’ and ‘tummy thumb’. Children also initiated by singing along with Miss Thea. Thank you to Elijah for bringing in your books to share.
Today we had an inside day where children were able to develop their imagination, creativity, fine motor, cognitive, social and coordination skill through:

– Home corner (dramatic play, imagination, role play, social)
– Magnets (cognitive, fine motor, creativity)
– Book corner (language, numeracy)
– Train track table (Creative, fine motor, hand eye coordination
– Dress up (imagination, role play)
– Puzzles (coordination, fine motor, imagination, problem solving)

Gymnastics: Range, Chloe, Fynlee Elijah matilda

Outside the children had the opportunity to explore:
– Watering the gardens (environment, cognitive, fine motor, social)
– Horse sticks (role model, imagination, fine and gross motor)
– Car track- (Creative, fine motor, hand eye coordination
– Cubby houses (dramatic play, social, communication)
– Sandpit (construction, imagination, creativity, social)
– Free play outside (decision making, extending upon the child’s own interests)
– Bikes (co-ordination, gross motor)
– Music (language, dance, memory)



Have a lovley weekend!

Thea and Sana


Written by elcprekindy

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