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Good Evening Toddlers 2 Families!

This morning as we waited for the children to arrive Michael was excited to share the sticks he found on the way to kindy. When Emmy, Alby, Bowie and Adam asked for a turn, Mikey eagerly lent his sticks over to his friends. The toddlers observed the different sizes and enjoyed using their imaginations to make meaning with their sticks. Bowie put his in the water and mixed it around like a spoon. Mickey, Adam and Emmy made a “bon-bon fire”. When Levi, Chen yi and Aubry got to kindy they quickly hopped on a bike and followed each other to different destinations. Miss Des’ree put the wiggles on for the children to enjoy and Rafi, Claudia, Remi and Millie couldn’t wait to show everyone their dance moves! While some friends chose to groove away in the morning others decided to construct a bridge to balance on. Millie, Alby, Michael, Adam, Ava, Levi, Aubry and Bowie took turns at adding big duplo blocks in a line and made a balancing beam that was challenging the toddlers to keep their weight even on each foot. What a great morning!

(LO2 & LO1 &LO3: The toddlers are developing their social connections and can negotiate play spaces and toys. The children have bonded with one another and recognise fair and unfair behaviour. The children enjoy outdoor play as it offers the toddlers the opportunity to take care of their physical bodies e.g. running, riding bikes and dancing)


After a delicious morning tea of yogurt, jelly and fruits the toddlers gathered on the mat for a group time with Miss Des’ree. To start the group time off Miss Des’ree took out come picture of different parts of the face. The images opened a discussion:

  • “ears are for listening” said Claudia
  • “nose smells” said Michael and Aubry
  • “hands feel” said Emmy
  • “eyes are for seeing things” said Adam, Chen yi and Millie

To follow up their Autonomy skills we sung the song ‘ Heads shoulders kneed and toes’. The children enjoyed this song so much that we sung it twice! Once with words and the next without words. The toddlers did a wonderful job at imitating their teacher and enjoyed learning the names of their body. Next, Miss Des’ree showed the children a new set of tools to extend off the children’s interest in heuristic play. We added the items ‘ hammer, saw, goggles, measuring tape, nuts and bolts, wrench and drill’ to our vocabulary and Miss Des demonstrated the different things you could do with the items. To finish up the group time we did our routine songs:

  • Days of the week
  • Aboriginal acknowledgment
  • Weather observation
  • Transition to an activity by identifying colours

 (LO5: group time is child and teacher initiated. The toddlers extend on their vocabulary and practice imitating their teachers words)



Activity is the best time of day for the children to initiate their play and learn. This is what we observed:

  • Elsa, Remi, Claudia, Millie, Aubry, Shylie, Michael, Emmy, Bowie and Levi participated in a colour matching activity. The children were encouraged to help the monster find the correct colour eyes. Each child did a great job at helping their monsters well done!
  • Chen yi, Shylie, Elsa, Millie, Adam, Michael, Remi, Claudia, Rafi, Ava and Levi enjoyed green playdough and inserted goggly eyes to their creation. The toddlers needed no prompting and many of them used this activity to count the number of eyes on their monster dough! Great work friends!
  • On the mat Adam, Alby, Remi, Ava, Maddy, Levi, Bowie, Aubry and Rafi explored the tools with the lego blocks they pretended to be construction workers.

It has been an amazing day. See you all tomorrow

(LO4: the toddlers know how to extend their learning cognitively and can elaborate though numeracy. The toddlers learn best with hands on activities. Sensory experiences build nerve connections within the developing brain’s neural pathways.)

Miss Des’ree, Miss Alex, Miss Marina, Mr lachie