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Christmas Raffle

May we kindly request that you add a few things to our K1 Christmas Raffle box? This does not have to be expensive and can include every day items such as tea, coffee, chocolates, mugs, etc.


Many hats have gone missing, as children from both classes have been helping themselves to any hat they see. Please ensure that your child comes to school with a hat, either the school’s or your own. There is a lesser chance of hats going astray if it’s not a school hat! Also, please return any spare hats that you might have at home.


In preparation for Big School, please feel free to add empty food containers/lunchboxes into your child’s bag! They will practise recognising, clipping, unclipping them and having morning tea in them. Prep teachers encourage children to strengthen their fingers and learn to use the containers whilst at Kindergarten, so that they don’t have to spend time teaching them to do so in prep.









Good afternoon families and friends,

What a beautiful day it is. We had lots of fun playing outside this morning. Mr Dan came for Arakan, which all our friends love. After Arakan, we had a lovely picnic outside in the shade.

When we came inside we sat on the mat together and talked about Elf on the Shelf and how we could maybe get him to come to our classroom. Maybe he will make an appearance next week! We finished making our beautiful Christmas cards, singing our Christmas carols and playing with our friends in-between, which included, reading books, playing with the cups, the dominoes and exploring the Earth’s globe.

It going to be a hot weekend and I hope everyone has a great few days,

Much love,

Miss Qiu and Miss Bronagh