Today the children stayed inside again enjoying all sort of play, Remi, Shylie, Sadie and Emilia played in the cubby house and the kitchen, they roleplay really nicely. Jude, Adam, ChenYi and Alby used the building tools to fix the cubby house and other furniture around the room while Carter, Rafii, Pia, Connor and Jude sat down at the table to create shapes on the nailed board, they were happy using the new rubber bands with shinny colours. Levi and Elsa sat down in the book corner and went through the books and images on it.

Today the group time was lead by Mr Lachie, the children talked about the weather, sang the aboriginal song and the days of the week. After the group time routine Mister Lachie read a monster story for group time, the children really enjoy the way he tells stories 😊 they sat down very nicely and listened amazingly. After reading the story they went through all the monsters in the book and talk about each one of them, about the parts of their bodies, the colour, the hair, etc. They really participate describing what thy saw on the pictures using their language very well.

Sadie said:

-That monster is purple and has hair in the head.

– The pink monster is a baby monster- said Shylie.

-there is a big red monster there MrLachie!- said Adam pointing the book.

– I can see a green monster too- said Pia.

For activity time the children enjoyed a selection of indoor activities.

– Xmas puzzle- today the children could choose in between 2 different sets of puzzles: Santa Clauss and candy cane. They really enjoyed doing puzzles yesterday so we offered this activity again. Pia, Remi, Sadie, Elsa, Levi,  Shylie, Connor Emilia, Adam and Alby did 2 rounds of puzzles.

– Art : the children used different colours and brushes to paint bulbballs on paper, they explore their creativity and self expression. Alby, Sadie, ChenYi, Connor, Levi, Emilia, Remi and Carter create beautiful bulb balls.

– Counting activity: on the other table there was a Christmas scavenger hunt for them to look for different Christmas decoration and elements, counting and ticking on the boxes. Elsa, Shylie, Remi and Adam did really well counting and looking for reindeers, trees, bells, etc.


Over all its been a great Tuesday, hope you have a great afternoon

Miss Desree, Miss Dakota, Miss Marina and Mr Lachie