Happy Monday families!

This morning we enjoyed outdoor play with BB1, Hugo, Hannah, Quinn and Amelia climbed the obstacle circuit and showed some interest in the connectors, as they were trying hard to put them together. Leon and Arabella played with the balls and Miss Shawn, they passed it to her and to each other, Leon tried to kick the ball as well. Mia enjoyed sitting and crawling around the yard exploring the different areas and toys that she found on the way. Then we got out nappy changed and went inside for morning tea. We also sat with Miss Marina and read the friends in the Jungle sensory book, Hugo, Arabella, Leon, Quinn and Mia were very interested, while Hannah and Amelia picked their own book and passed the pages on their own enjoying their solo time.

When we finished the book we sang 2 songs: Good morning song and incy wincy spider and did the aboriginal acknowledgement to the land

We sat down and learn how to play with connectors, Miss Valerie showed them how to connect the pieces using 2 hands, they really got engaged trying to put the pieces together and finding different colours. We learned the colours as they were selecting their favorite pieces.

Then we had lunch and a nap, woke up for morning tea and went outside to have a play with all our friends!

Overall we had a great Monday!

See you al tomorrow:)