Jingeri families and friends, we hope you are having a wonderful wild wicked Wednesday. We had a little wet morning this morning, however we were still able to have lots of fun outside. Friends found the slide lots of fun, the girls were busy sliding down one at a time giggling at how fast they were going. Other friends were busy in the sandpit, we had digging for treasure, baking cakes and even hunting for dragons!

Once inside we welcomed Miss Kate with our usual hug, high 5 or fist pump and “Jingeri”. We answered the roll and warmed up to “Happy”. Friends showed some wild dance moves today which put everyone in a great mood. We answered the roll, sang the days of the week and found out the date.

Miss Kate then introduced us to our new “How are you feeling?” board. We spoke about the different feelings that were there, “Happy, Excited, Scared, Nervous, Angry, Sick, Tired and Sad”. We created these feelings with our faces, friends shocked Miss Kate with how amazing our faces were! We then spoke about how we were feeling and placed our names by this feeling. (Please encourage your child/children to talk about this)


This morning some friends finished off their place mats, Audrey drew a big red apple on her plate! Once complete this will be a job for the lunch time helpers to place out for our friends to sit down. The drawing table was busy this morning too, Milly drew “Mr Potato” Which looked exactly like him. Playdough was also lots of fun with friends creating amazing sculptures with the tools. Little Red riding hood and an astronaut made an appearance in our home corner, she made some delicious food for friends. Zara used the wooden letters to spell her name, what a super star!!

We read the story, “I’m Australian too.” We spoke about how we all live in Australia, but we also have many cultures here. Please bring in a family photo and your culture so we can display this in class.

This afternoon we engaged in multilink blocks, Aboriginal matching game, Small world bug creating, home corner and tracing letter mats with bark.

Friends had a great day engaging in lots of fun activities.

Many Thanks

Miss Kate and Mr Lachie


  • Please be mindful that our sun safe policy states children need to wear sun safe clothing. By this we would be grateful if you can ensure they are wearing clothes with sleeves (t-shirt length)
  • Please ensure your child has a drink bottle, their hat and spare clothes.
  • We are grateful for friends who have provided us with the items we require (textures, pencils, tissues, white paper coloured paper) and appreciate if others could bring these in soon.