Hello babies 2 families!

The babies had a very relaxed day today, they engage in play with others outside and with their educators but the energy levels were pretty low, maybe the weather makes them feel more relaxed. Hugo, Leon and Millie were taking turns to go down the slide and straight to the obstacle circuit. Quinn and Cohen had a ply in the cubby house, they put some toys inside, tried to put the bikes inside there as well, and finally they just sat down and had a chat 😊 so cute, Leon was coming to check on them through the window and Millie was coping him through the other window, very funny.

(T.I.) After eating we let them play for 10 min exploring the room and making a selection of toys, they took out the connectors and the sea animals on the mat, then we packed away and sat down at the mat with Miss Marina and we sang our morning songs:

  • Good morning song
  • Aboriginal acknowledgment
  • Tim the turtle
  • 1,2,3 fish
  • Row your boat because of Cohen’s and Quinn’s interest.
  • Today we add Open& Shut and they really liked it, they looked at Miss Marina very focus and clapped very hard at the end smiling at her and at each other.
  • After we played a game where we had to mimic Miss Marina putting our hands in different parts of our body, Miss Marina said: Hands on head and showed them how to do it, then we did the shoulders, knees, belly and toes. Cohen and Quinn followed the instructions of the head, knees and belly very well, some other instructions they miss the part but with the time they will make it and Millie, Leon and Isaac were just observing how their friends were doing.

    For activity time we did art and let the children explore the room, especially for the new ones to start exploring their new environment and build connections with their new friends:

    • Art: water coloring the Great Barrier reef for Australian day, the children got to do their own interpretation of the great barrier reef using a brush and blue and green water coloring, this activity is based on one of the icons of Australia and also very related to our theme in the room. Millie and Quinn were the ones interested in doing some art and self expression.
    • Outdoor/indoor play: while some were doing art developing their creativity and fine motor skills, others were exploring the yard and developing their gross motor skills.

    We had a nice and relaxed day today in babies 2, hope you all have a great afternoon and see you tomorrow 😊

    Miss Valerie & Miss Marina