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Happy Monday to all our families! Wow has the month flown by and we have been doing a lot with the babies 2. Babies are exploring their indoor and outdoor comfortably and confident. We have a new rainbow tunnel that the babies love crawling in and out of and playing peekaboo with their friends.

Amelia and Quinn were giggling and laughing together, Hannah joined in the fun too! Leon enjoys stepping up on the small arch steps and running around the playground and Arabella goes to and seems to feel comfortable lay in the bouncer taking in what all her friends are doing. (CI)

For group time this morning Miss Marina sang some of our favourite songs and some of the babies are getting use to this routine and asking for more. Quinn and Amelia said “More, more” when Miss Marina finishes the songs. So far this month we have been focusing on learning the colours of the rainbow. We have done, green, blue, orange, red, yellow and today we focused on purple. In group times the babies are expanding on the language skills. Miss Marina would point to something purple and say purple. Some of the babies can repeat the colours and make noises when we speak to them.

For activity time we did 3 different activities.

One was continuing our contact theme around the room. The babies have enjoyed sticking the purple crate paper on the wall to the contact paper. Transferring the paper from a small container to the wall allows the babies to learn different skills while being creative. For example, simple math’s (transferring), fine motor skills, colours and social skills being in a small group.

We also had purple chalk and black paper for the babies to explore different textures.

As they were drawing Quinn and Amelia said “chalk” after Miss Marina would say it.

This activity worked well having 2 babies at a time doing it. This way they can interact with each other and one educator in a small intimate space. (1/1) Babies learn differently when they have one on ones as they can build relationships with other babies and educators at a different level.

We also set up a sensory activity with rice pops with the kitchen area. They all sat around the table eating and transferring the rice pops from one container to the other. What great fun and lots of mess!

At lunch time when the rest of the babies were sleeping Hugo and Wade had a play outside with one-on-one interactions with Miss Shawn.

Reminder : Easter is coming up and we are looking forward doing a lot of art with your babies. We are doing a Easter Hamper, please if each family could donate to this hamper? We would appreciate it. We have also placed the tickets in the front pocket of your babies bags . $5.00 for 6 tickets. Good luck and lets have some fun!

Rainy Day fun for all, Have a lovely evening.

Love/From Miss Shawn and Miss Marina