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Happy Monday!

The morning was very calm and based on self selection toys and activities, Hugo and Quinn played with the rice tray and Miss Bronagh for a while, pouring rice in and out the tray. Quinn wanted to play with the bus and he went around the yard selecting toys and putting them inside. He also sat in the book corner and read some books saying what he could see. Amelia joined him and Mia as well, they choose a book and open the pages looking at the pictures. Amelia handed the book to Miss Marina for her to read it. Hugo and Wade climbed up the steps and play around the obstacle circuit. Arabella sat on her favourite chair, the little baby rocker, and observe her friends for a while, then she went and played with the babies and the cots. Amelia and Hannah saw her and went to play with her, Amelia put a baby in the rocker and sang to the baby “Row your boat” while rocking him, after she clapped and cheered to herself 😊 Wade has been trying to stand up using the van walker, he stays still for now but probably will be running around the yard soon…

After morning tea we sat down at the mat to do a group time, today we sang a new song so we can learn to spell the word “ bunny” for easter. They didn’t know this one so they were looking at Miss Marina like they couldn’t understand her, their face expressions were very funny, they looked confused but very concentrated. Then we sang open and shut, Quinn tried to do pretty much all the gestures of the song! Well done Quinny!!! He is memorizing now all the movements and starting to try to mimic them. After we sang Sleeping bunnies and Miss Marina showed them how to do the song, they went to sleep on the floor and then jumping around the room, it took like 3 to 4 times for them to start doing it but they finally did!! Yayy!!!

For activity time Mia, Hugo and Wade decorate their Easter presents and then we started activity time.

  • Easter egg painting: today we used pastel colours and brushes to paint Easter eggs, we reviewed the different shades of yellow, green, blue and pink. Amelia likes to hold the paint cup and dip the brush in it, she chose purple and didn’t want to use any other, Quinn used every colour he could, swapping at the time. Hugo joined our activity time today and he was very happy to see his friends doing the same thing.
  • Cars and roads: this activity is based on Quinn’s interest as last week Quinn was noticing the cars in the Velcro houses and saying: “ car, car… wiu… wiu…” then he went and grabbed a car and played with it around the room for a long period of time. We set up a table with a road mat and different cars and road signs for them to play. Arabella chose the pink car and the school bus. Leon got the recycling truck and the ambulance. Quinn used the recycling truck, the ambulance and the racing car, he also liked the road signs and placed them around the mat.
  • Sandpit exploration: Hugo, Quinn and Leon played in the sandpit and made sandcastles with Miss Ione, they really enjoyed getting messy and putting sand in different buckets.

What a nice day at kindy !

Hope you enjoy your evening families.

Miss Ione and Miss Marina.

PS: Remember we have the Easter humper raffle soon, if you’ll like to collaborate any donations to the Easter basket will be really appreciate it (Toys, books, chocolate…etc)