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Hello families,

This morning Cohen and Millie shared the roads playing with all the different cars, Millie chose the ice cream van and the ambulance, Cohen the recycling truck and the race car, they also enjoyed placing the signals around the mat.

Leon walk the van walker around the yard putting inside balls, toys and other things he was finding on the way. We also opened the new art easel, Cohen and Arabella had the first go, Arabella draw in the white board with a pen and she loved to use the eraser, Cohen used blue, yellow and red to scribble in the blackboard, then they swap sides. After them Millie and Leon had a turn, Leon wanted to scribble on his hand first, then he found out about the magic eraser and couldn’t stop making little scribbles in order to erase them instantly 😊 Millie used every colour of chalk in the blackboard, she also shared her side with Arabella. Well done Millie!

Today we did a little group time, we sang the morning song, the aboriginal song and the bunny song, Miss Ione and Miss Jess were preparing the activities so they got very curious about what was on the table. So we moved to activity time:

  • Easter bunny painting: today we painted bunnies for E aster, Millie, Cohen, Leon and Arabella loved the bunnies but they also wanted to do another egg 😊 Arabella and Cohen were saying “bunny, bunny” Cohen tried also to say “egg” and “easter”
  • Easter egg colour matching: making a selection of 3 different coloured eggs (green, yellow, pink and purple) the children had to match colours, Arabella could recognise some of the colours, Cohen could say them and Millie and Leon matched the colours of the eggs very quickly. The part they liked the most was to use the glue stick and spread it all over.
  • Outdoor play: Cohen, Leon and Arabella chose to play with the cars at the table, Leon went to play in the cubby house and the kitchen area, Cohen joined him and played with the babies for a bit. Then we did some races up and down the obstacle circuit and went inside for lunch and a nap.


What a nice day at kindy !

Hope you enjoy your evening families.

Miss Ione and Miss Marina