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Apr 1, 2021.

Dear Families and friends.

This morning we headed outside at 8 am as per usual, we had a variety of fun outdoor activities. The children really enjoyed the obstacle course as well as the giant lego blocks which were used to make big towers. We had Miss Manuela again today, the children were once again entertained by her variety of  books and fun interactions she brought along with her.

At 9:30, we left the yard and washed our hands. We all sat down on the mat with Miss Manuela where we sang the morning song we learned  yesterday, acknowledged the country and identified today’s day, date and weather. Miss Manuela then identified the letter I, air traced it and pronounced the sound along with identifying the objects on the letter card. Just before morning tea we had a visit from the Easter Bunny, the children all got a hug and a chocolate egg. They really enjoyed this surprise!

This morning tea we had a wonderful fruit cocktail and some scrumptious crackers, once morning tea was finished Miss Manuela got the children to sit down on the mat. We then sang a song about Autumn and how the leaves of the tree fall off and change colour. We then asked the children what activities they would like to do! Mason, Conner and Beau suggested lego while Elizabeth, Alex and Chloe wanted to make an aquarium. Mr Pete took some of the children outside to play with drums, Mason and Range then decided to make a jazz band called The red bullets. Miss Singrid joined us today and painted leaves with the children who didn’t get a chance to so yesterday, it was a fun messy time

Miss Kate suggested we join classes and have a big easter egg hunt with all the children in Kindergarten, we had egg and spoon races and easter themed activities setup for all the children.

Thanks Friends for a Fantastic Thursday.

All our Friends from Kindergarten 2 wish everyone a Happy Easter and a safe long weekend.


Miss Manuela and Mr Pete x