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A big hello and welcome to our families for our Thursday journey!

 It was a chilly start to the morning but we were ready to get warm very quickly. Along the wall Mateo enjoyed time with the Bouncy Dinosaur. More Dinosaur fun with the ones on the fort using bark and leaves to feed them. Lenny and Annie were sat under the bridge and we talked about the Troll who lived under the bridge from the Billy Goats story. Maddy will be taking Spotty away on holiday next week and we will be looking forward to hearing about his new adventures. Manny spent some time in the sand pit. Rocky enjoyed some cuddles and was excited to be going to Tumble tots. Musical instruments were also available on the veranda.

·         Sand Pit Play

·         Jungle Gym

·         Hurdle Obstacles

·         Dinosaurs

·         Building Blocks

·         Bikes and Bouncy Dragons

·         Lawn Mowers

·         A variety of Bouncy Balls


After morning tea Miss Rochelle read the story about Anzac Teddy who went to help the soldiers. A beautiful and heartfelt book to be read for many years. The pictures show him with a band aid on his eye and Pip noticed this and called out pointing. Miss Rochelle extended on this with a wonderful art and craft experience.


Before lunch Miss Rochelle used the Musical bus and the children had fun touching the mouth as it opened singing along to the Wheels on the Bus. More fun with Dear Zoo.





 Children were also able to explore and self-select from our shelves and play spaces over the morning with activities including;

·         Train table and train tracks

·         Puzzles

·         Home corner

·         Book and literacy area

·         Cars and trucks

·         Threading boards

Miss Rochelle had the Teddy bears ready with green and brown paint for the children to make their own ANZAC Teddy Bears just like Anzac bear’s uniform.  Isla, Pip, Birdie, Manny, Oliver, Maddy, Lenny, Annie, Rocky, River and Mateo all enjoyed this experience. Using a band aid and a soldiers hat with a poppy soon they were all complete. Please enjoy the photos. To extend on interest we must have a Teddy Bear’s Picnic after our Mother’s day celebrations. More hand prints and poppies for our wreaths we have been making. Lenny and Manny were busy in the cubby house with the tea set activities. Annie, Isla, Pip and Birdie enjoyed stacking the rings on the ring board. Oliver had fun with the train track.