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Happy humpday families!

Cohen, Quinn and Leon had so much fun climbing the frog, they took turns and share very well. Cali, Belle and Mia were playing with the balls, throwing them and catching them, clapping and smiling at Miss Ione. Cohen and Cali also sat down in the quiet corner to read books, Belle joined them and sat down with her sleeping bag😊. Leon rode the bikes for a bit and Quinn pushed around the van walker, picking up toys around the yard. Belle played peek a boo with Miss Marina in the cubby house, having  a sneaky look through the window and having a  laugh. (CI)After morning tea we sat down for group time, we sang the morning song, we did the aboriginal acknowledgment and this was the first time Cohen, Leon and Quinn tried to mimic the gestures from the aboriginal acknowledgment, well done guys! Cali and Isaac said “more more” using their words and sign language. Leon and Quinn were participating actively copying gestures during Incy wincy, Open and shut, The bobbin, Galum the frog and Tim the turtle. They really enjoy the nursery rhymes.

-Today we repeat the fabric decoration as we are getting our Mother’s day presents ready for such an special day. Quinn and Isaac were doing it for the first time today and they used the brushes but they were also very curious about touching the bubbles of water that sits on top of the fabric, they used their fingers to spread the water colour in the fabric observing how the fabric absorbs the water. Cali likes to squeeze the brush with her hands and spread the water in the fabric.

After this activity Quinn went to Toddlers 2 to have a play with Miss Aurelie, Miss Sue and Miss Rochelle, he explored the home corner, he did playdough with his new and old friends and he had so much fun exploring a new environment. He did really well!

-We also played with the musical instruments, Quinn, Cohen and Isaac loved banging the drums and blowing the flute, Leon joined the band and smashed the tambourine with his hands laughing out loud and talking on his own language.

– Red playdough: we used cutters, knifes and our hands to manipulate the playdough and practice our fine and gross motor skills. They all had a turn around the table and used all sorts of cutters and containers.

-Sandpit play outdoors: Leon, Isaac, Cohen and Mia went to the explore the sandpit today, they used buckets and shovels to dig in the sand, they used the slide to climb and go down, they also took every single toy out of the toys box. They had so much fun exploring with their peers.

Hope you enjoy reading the program, see you all tomorrow.

Miss Marina and Miss Ione