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Good afternoon families,

Mid-week already and all the children are ready to smash the day with joy and imagination.

Today began with a play in the yard exploring the obstacle courses, building blocks, fort, sandpit and much more. We put on some fun kids’ song for the children to show off their cool moves while we wait for all our friends to arrive. After exploring the yard it was finally time for the gym children to sit down for an outdoor a delicious breakfast pizza before heading off to gym.

While our friends were at gym the rest of us sat down for a group time sing and dancing to all our favorite songs. We then all went inside to wash our hands and sit down for some morning tea.

Today as it is nearing closer to Mother’s Day the children continued working on our Mother’s Day surprise. The children love working on these activities while talking to their friends about their mummy’s. Shortly after our activities it was time for dance with Miss Jen. The children are always eager to participate in dance when Miss Jen comes around waiting to see if she has anything new organized.

Sometime after dance the children all went outside for a run around before sitting down for delicious sushi bowls. Once we had finished our lunches it was finally time for a well-deserved rest. This afternoon the children will all sit down for their afternoon tea then head back out into the yard to see where else their curious minds will take them.

We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow for more fun adventures in Toddlers One.

Lots of love,

Miss Aimee and Miss Stacey.


One last reminder…

We have the Mother’s day party at the park this Friday the 7th from 3:30pm to 4:30pm