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Good afternoon families! 

Today has been a wonderful day here in the pre kindy room.

Luckily the weather is absolutely beautiful today and we were able to enjoy it while we played outside.

Liam had a great time zipping around the yard on the bike. He saw Miss Nicole taking this photo and stopped, gave her a great big smile and said ‘CHEESE!!” before going on his way.

Mr Lachie was playing chasing games with the children. The all loved catching him and taking him prisoner.








Aleks was selling Jack ice cream from the cubby house. Jack asked for a chocolate one and Aleks went to retrieve it from the fridge.


Aleks and his friend Harrison were digging for dinosaur bones together. Harrison was helping Aleks count how many bones he had discovered. They were taking turns and sharing very well.


Last week Miss Nicole stocked up on some collage equipment, so today we made some beautiful collages for our mums and dads. (Each child has one and the will be going home today ^_^)



DSC00508 DSC00504 DSC00505 DSC00512 DSC00509 DSC00514

Today we made a new friend called Sarah she is a triceratops and will be used to encourage listening skills. Whoever is sitting the nicest on the mat during group time will get to play with her.

Bella, Aleks, Liam and Chase looked at some dinosaurs who appear in the movie ‘The Good Dinosaur’. 

Chase and Liam were cutting up the wooden fruit in the home corner this morning during free play. They shared the space very well and even created conversation which linked their individual play scenarios together.

Mr Lachie helped Shia and Aleks screwing together nuts and bolts.

Jack was very interested in playing with lego. He enjoyed creating on his own as he was able to make exactly what he wanted.


We have had a very productive day today and we look forward to encouraging more learning through play.

Have a great night guys and we will see you in the morning 😀