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April 13, 2018 Toddlers 2 No Comments

Good evening toddlers two families and friends today we only had 10 friends so it was a very chilled day!

What a filled fun day today!! We started off the day outside playing on the slide and obstacle course that was set up this morning. A few of the children enjoyed playing in the sand pit with all of the diggers. Sebastian enjoyed running around with the lawn mower, him and Summer took turns with this as they both thought it was so cool.
When it was time to come inside we all lined up at the door holding each others shoulders. We then went inside 3 at a time and washed our hands before eating our yummy yogurt, fruit and jelly.

After morning tea the children joined miss Jasmine on the mat for a group time singing ba ba black sheep, ABCs, 123.. and days of the week. We then broke up into two groups Miss Nita did some green play week craft with the children using different types of leaves and dipping them into paint then placing them on the paper and lifting the leaf off.

Miss Jasmine sat with the other children and we did a big group puzzle followed by hop scotch when the puzzle was completed. “Copy me” Miss Jasmine said as she demonstrated what to do “HOP, JUMP… HOP, JUMP” all of the children started saying during this activity. The children were so excited to show ,miss Shaz as she came into the room to say hello “look at me” Indigo said as she hopped and jumped across the puzzle mat.

All our toddlers 2 friends did a fantastic job packing away before a group time with Miss Rowena and Miss Nita whilst Miss Jasmine was having her lunch break. Miss Nita read “We’re going on a bear hunt book and we all stood up and went on a bear hunt together. Miss Rowena also read “Teddy bears picnic” story for us. We then sang “Open shut them” and “Sleepy bunnies” before we all lined up at the door to wash our hands. The children enjoyed yummy nourishing vegie, beef and lentil nachos served with delicious salad for lunch. Great eating friends!!!

Today was such a great day and Miss Jasmine will be telling everyone’s mummies and daddies just how good they have been so proud of you guys.
Have a great weekend friends and see you all next week!!! Love Miss Jasmine and Nita xoxoxox

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