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Hello beautiful families,

We had such an exhilarating morning with the babies this morning. They loved playing with our new Christmas tree and put the balls in the holes. Oaklyn was hiding in the box to get the balls back to her friends. Then the babies started to run from one side to the other in the room.  That’s their game they initiated. They loved it and were having so much fun with it. They screamed “aaahhhhhhhhh!” all at the same time. Maximus was laughing so much. While they were keep still running, Miss Aurelie started an art activity. We did a footprint for another Christmas project that you will discover soon.

Then we went outside to let the energy out. We jumped from the balancing beam. But the babies also liked to push the trolleys around the yard. The boys were hiding in the cubby house saying “hello” and Mateo did some drawing with the chalk on the cardboard. Kobe and Ari like to do the seesaw while Henry was watching them.

Thank you so much for an excellent day.

Miss Elizabeth and Miss Aurelie