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Today in the babies room, Miss Aurielle set out some Christmas art for the babies to explore. When Miss Aurielle, brought them in the room, she sat with them on the floor. She had an assortment of materials for the babies to stick on felt Christmas trees! Before art started though the babies pulled them out and touched them, looked and them and discovered different colours.

The babies are more like toddlers now walking around, helping clean up things from the floor and using different sounds to communicate with educators. Its so lovely to hear and see how much the have grown over the year!

The babies all sat a the table or in their high chairs to create their trees. We gave them the different material and they did want they wanted with it. It was fantastic to see the babies use their fine motor skills and their voices to communicate to their friends.

When it was time to go outside Miss Shawn said, ” Lets all go outside and play”  Babies one are great at following instructions, coming to the door and putting their hats on with the educators help.

While the babies were outside they explored the balance beam, jumped on the soft cushions and loved to sit on the wooden pieces using it as a boat, saying row row with their friends.

Miss Elizbeth had a day off today so Miss Shawn was in the room today.

It was a very calm and happy day full of fun, exploration, discovery and laughter.

Have a lovely night.

Miss Shawn, Miss Aurielle, and Miss Dressa