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Today in babies 1 we started off our morning utilizing indoor outdoor play with our friends from next door in babies 2. The sun was shining so the babies were happy to wear their hats and enjoyed a nice relaxing morning. We then went inside for some morning tea which consisted of fresh fruit and a yummy raspberry puree. After morning tea some of our friends went to sleep while others had group time on the mat with Miss Katrina where she sang songs and taught some actions to the words, Amelia Grace especially enjoyed clapping to ‘if you’re happy and you know it’ Aston also joined in but preferred ‘the incy wincy spider’. We then went into the side yard to enjoy the shady sandpit Max was having fun digging with the spade and Miss Amy was showing him how to fill the bucket and then pour it out. For lunch the babies enjoyed some delicious chicken, roast potatoes and salad, it was a hit and everyone ate plenty!

After lunch Sebastian and Casey did some painting for Mother’s day, Casey was squishing the paint up in his hand and looking at it inquisitively. All our friends then played together with the toys in the home corner and took turns shaking the pasta shakers. Sebastian, Aston and Max were helping each other open and close the bbq lid while Amelia was seeing how many books and toys could fit in the home corner sink. We then had a scrummy afternoon tea together and enjoyed the rest of the day in the front yard listening to music with our friends from next door.

What a lovely day Babies 1 , thank you 🙂

From Miss Amy and Miss Katrina 