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Today in the baby’s room we had a very busy day spending the majority of the day outside: as it was such a beautiful day. Our new friend Mya had a wonderful time in the bouncer jumping up and down very fast, she also enjoyed playing with all the different exciting activities around the edge of the bouncer. Sebastian and Fynn had a delightful time engaging in social play together in the sandpit, they especially enjoyed the toy cubby house which was placed in the sandpit.
After sitting down for our alfresco lunch Charlotte decided that she was going to chase Miss Katrina around the yard. Charlotte was very cute running and giggling at the same time. Neveah thought that this looked like a very fun game and joined in. Neveah used her bum shuffle as her way to get around the yard, Neveah thought she was very cleaver. Amelia grace was also very cleaver today pulling herself up into a position using Miss Katrina as her balance. She would then smile very happily. Casey enjoyed exploring all the different parts of the yard by crawling around to each different play station. Casey also enjoyed interacting with Miss Sheryl and would smile his lovely smile at her. Chloe was very cute today and enjoyed engaging with the musical instrument, making lots of different sounds.
Thanks for a great day babies 1.


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