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Today in the baby room we started our day playing next door with our friends from babies 2. After venturing off into our own room we sat down for a delicious morning tea of fresh fruit and puree.
To extend on our arts and crafts activity from yesterday we decided to look at some nature flash cards. We were all interested in the different pictures of our nature environment there was sunsets, the oceans, mountains and lots of other interesting pictures. We talked about each picture, Amelia was keen to look at the pictures and we talked about the adventures that she has just had.
We then ventured outside to stretch our legs and have a play on the outside equipment. Finn loved playing outside and seemed to enjoy all the different play spaces, he was inquisitive and loved investigating each different activity. Aston also liked playing outside as he can wonder around at his leisure. We then opened the doors up for come inside outside play where our babies can choose where they want to play. Sebastian liked this as he went inside to outside to inside again.
Once back inside again Neveah liked playing with the musical instruments, she liked turning the xylophone over and played the back of it. Chloe was happy and smiley today and loved interacting with Miss Katrina. Amelia Grace was in a wonderful mood after her sleep today and loved smiling very cheeky at Miss Camila.