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Today in babies 1 we had a beautiful day which began out in the yard with our neighbours from Babies 2. Everyone was having a relaxing morning reading stories with Miss Stacey and then having a boogie to some Wiggles music! We then went inside for some delicious fresh fruit and puree. After morning tea some of our friends had a rest while others stayed up to play with the colourful wooden charts and glitter shakers. We then had a scrummy lunch which consisted of chicken koftas and salad bar everyone loved this and ate loads which was great to see! Because our theme this week is Italy we decided to make beautiful pizza’s. We all sat up in our high chairs as Miss Katrina brought around each pizza base and asked us to help with the toppings. Fynn was up first helping to spread the pizza sauce, he did a fantastic job at making sure all the sauce went to each part of the pizza base, it was then Chloe’s turn at helping to place the ham on she did a wonderful job at spreading the ham around and even became the self-appointed taste tester. Casey’s job was to help spread the sauce on the next pizza, he had a ball getting both his little hands messy and spreading lots of sauce. Miss Katrina then offered Sabastian to help, but he just shook his head at smiled.
We then ventured outside for a play in the sandpit. Amelia Grace delighted in this time and enjoyed running the sand though her fingers. Teddy also liked spending time in the sand pit, his favourite activity was carrying around the red spade and using it to shovel the sand. Aston and Neveah enjoyed social play together taking turns going down the slide o the fort and slide.
Thanks for a great day babies one.

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