September 13, 2019 Babies 1 No Comments

Good afternoon to all of our families WOW here we are at the end of our week already! We have had so much fun on our dinosaur adventures this week and today was no exception. We began our morning activities with dino doh….the children were able to experiment with the play doh we stomped the dinos through it and some of our dinos ate it we rolled it and patted and squeezed the dino doh, we also used some little trees and other props to create a type of dino land really encouraging our imaginations and creativity.  For some of us we had a dinosaur collage to finish, the children had a variety of collage pieces to create with, these are going to look amazing hanging in our room! To finish off our morning we decided to set up a dino wash…..over the week our dinosaurs have played outdoors in nature play, they have stomped through dirt and paint, sand ,water, slime and today dino doh so we felt our dinos were in need of some tlc, we set up our big trough with some nice warm bubbly water, we added face washers for the children to use and let the children take care of the dino wash, this was so much fun the children splashed the water and wiped the dinos faces definitely a perfect way to end our week of dino fun!

We ended our morning with our springtime yoga activity….this is just a small selection of poses for the children to practice in our grouptime to also encourage our gross motor development,  and to have a little stretch after our storytime before lunch.

Thank you so much for such an amazing week babies one! We hope everyone has a great weekend and we look forward to seeing you all next week.

Miss Rochelle and Miss Anita xoxo






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