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Today in Babies 1 we started off our day enjoying some of the sunshine outside while it was still around! As more and more of our friends arrived we listened to some fun playtime songs and played with books, puzzles and the slide. We then went inside for a delicious feast of fresh fruit, puree and yoghurt. The babies then enjoyed some free play in the class room, Aston was particularly interested in the brick blocks and he and miss Katrina were seeing how far he could stack them before they would fall. Charlotte was enjoying the rocking chair and relaxing in this listening to music watching the rest of her friend’s play. The group then had a story on the mat with miss Amy where Nevaeh and Amelia Grace were thoroughly enjoying pointing to the pictures and helping to turn the pages. The rain started to come down so we sang ‘it’s raining it’s pouring’ and then enjoyed some warm toasties for lunch, which everybody loved and ate plenty of! It was Casey’s turn to do some arts and crafts today so we put on a painting smock and he stuck his hands into the pink and purple paint, he squished it and smeared it onto the cardboard and was having a great time doing so. Today we have a few friends who have climbing and crawling interests so we set up a climbing and crawling obstacle course in the front yard. Fynn was having a great time pulling himself up onto the bouncer frame and spinning the toys around while Aston and Charlotte were enjoying crawling through the tunnel and Chloe was loving pulling herself up onto the slide. Amelia Grace balanced against the slide watching her friends and making lots of noises and excited expressions which was wonderful to see. Even though it was a cloudy and wet day outside our babies didn’t let that stop them from having a blast! Thank you for a wonderful day babies 1.