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Welcome to another Friday in the Babies 1 Room. This morning we started the day in the yard. Mason was very excited to explore the soft block obstacle, he used his new walking skills to lift his legs up and over the big climbing boulders when he lost his balance he wobbled on his legs and held his arms out to help himself stay standing- then he continued on with the course. When Conor got to kindy he loved playing in the tunnel, he would roll around giggling at his new environment. Vance took his time to settle into the yard and decided to play with the cubby house and mini kitchenette. Vance enjoyed opening and closing the cupboard doors and every now and then he would put kitchen items in and out. Elsie arrived with a big smile and was eager to explore the obstacle, she used her arms to bring herself up and crawled up and down the course. Alex gave Miss Des lots of cuddles and showed her the books in the quiet area, together they read ‘Baby’s first words’ Alex would prompt miss Des’ree by pointing at the pictures and saying “ah” Miss Des would then help him identify the words and asked him if he could say the words “this is an ant, can you say ant”. At 9am Vance and Alex went to gymnastic for their weekly gym session.

For activity time the babies enjoyed self-selected activities which included:

  • Reading books in our self-care corner, our self-care corner has cushions, books, flash cards, keys and locks and soft toys
  • Home corner which invites the babies to explore, pots, pans, sensory bottles, kitchenette, baskets, and eggs with wooden egg holders
  • For our craft the babies continued on creating red poppies out of egg cartons
  • Self select shelves included cars, trucks, puzzles, ball runners, puppets and stackers


Outside activities

  • Instruments
  • Obstacle couse
  • Quiet area with babies, cubby house, books, cushions and abacus
  • Bikes
  • Walkers


Today we offered the babies indoor and outdoor activities. Alex enjoyed painting poppies indoors then decided to explore the bikes in the yard. Vance chose to stay outside and soaked up all the warm sun. Vance played with the balls and ran around the obstacle course. Mason spent his morning playing with the instruments outside he came in couple of times to get pots and pans from the kitchen and bring it outside to make different sounds by banging them together. Amilla loved being outside and took her time to explore the instruments with Mason, she enjoyed the xylophone the most. Conor continued to play on the soft block fort and went in and out of the tunnel. When he was finished his exploration he gathered the balls in the yard and threw them around the yard, his favourite  ball was the basket ball. Elsie used her activity time to catch up on her sleep, when she woke up Elsie enjoyed crawling around the yard and practiced standing up and falling down she continued to practice using her gross motor skills until lunch time. Ruby was very chill and decided to do some tummy time, whenever she got restless we slowly rolled her on to her back.


Over all its been a great day,

Have a wonderful weekend

Miss Des’ree and Miss Bronagh