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Today in the baby’s room we started our play playing with our friends from next door while we waited for everybody to arrive, once we were all here we sat down on the mat for a little group time of songs. Teddy always enjoys group time as he loves to clap along. Sebastian really got into the song “open, shut them” and bopped his little body up and down. Neveah is always an eager participant in the group time songs and loves to smile and dance along.
After sitting down for our delicious morning tea of yoghurt and fresh fruit, we decided to take our play dough outside and have the experience in the beautiful fresh air. Charlotte, Teddy and Neveah were all keen participants coming straight over to the cushion to have some fun with this open ended material. They had a great time squishing and poking the colourful dough and all enjoyed using the knifes to cut the play dough. Casey wasn’t interested in the play dough and preferred to navigate himself all around the outside yard covering as many play stations as possible.
We then ventured back inside to extend on Sebastian, Charlotte, Amelia Grace, Teddy and Neveah’s interest of music and dancing. Miss Yumi played the toddlers radio and we all enjoyed listening and dancing to all the funky up beat music. Mya looked one with awe as she seemed happy and content watching her friends move a dance to the music. Amelia Grace then enjoyed wondering over to the self-select shelf where she chose to engage with the cause and effect toys. Sebastian also enjoyed playing with the cause and effect toys and especially enjoyed using the toy phone. Chloe’s favourite part of the day was interacting with Miss Katrina and giving her lots of beautiful cheeky smiles.
Thanks for a great day babies 1


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