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What a great day we have here in the baby’s room today. We started our day singing songs with Miss Katrina next door with our friends from babies 2. Once we were all here we ventured back over to our room for some yummy morning tea of fresh fruit and cheese and crackers.
For our outside physical activity Mr Lachie decided to get the horse out and engage our children in some wonderfully exciting water play. Aston thought this was absolutely awesome, he loved it when the water splashed all over him and was laughing and giggling as he got soaking wet. Charlotte wasn’t keen to run though the water like Aston but enjoyed sitting down and watching as the droplets of water landed on her little face, she liked to wonder off and play with the small cubby house, smiling as she was using the play phone. To follow Sebastian, Aston, Neveah, Amelia and Casey’s interest of music and Nursery rhymes we sat down for a group time of singing. Amelia liked “incy wincey spider and smiled at Miss Katrina as she did the actions. Casey looked at Miss Katrina with serious interest as we sang “old MacDonald, and loved laughing at Miss Katrina as she made funny faces at him.
After coming inside, we sat on the green mat for our children to make use of the self- select toy shelf. Nevaeh instead of using the shelf to select toys liked to practice standing up and thought she was extremely cleaver as she smiled back at her educators.