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Today in the babies was very calm and relaxed with only 5 of our friends here. We started our day playing in our room with our friends from babies 2. Miss Katrina thought it would be a fun idea to put on the disco lights and music to extend from the experience yesterday. We listened to “toddlers sing along songs” and toddlers party songs. Charlotte especially enjoyed the music, waving both of her hands in the air in time with the tunes. Sebastian also engaged in this fun experience again and sat transfixed in front of the lights watching each colour change and move around the room. Colour and shapes are very important for the development of our young babies.
Our arts and crafts activity for today was a drawing experience set up in the middle of the room. The babies were encouraged to participate and were given a crayon each. Our babies were a little unsure what to do with it and needed Miss Katrina to role mode the drawing. Sebastian and Charlotte showed interest for a short period of time and then went to explore other activity around the room.
We then provide some inside/outside play, where the babies choose what area they wanted to play in. Aston was very good at moving around the different spaces going from outside to inside and then back out again. Aston is getting very cleaver with his walking. Neveah showed interest in the water play but wasn’t quite tall enough to reach the edge by herself, so Miss Camila found a little bucket and put some water into it for her. Neveah thought this was wonderful and splished and splashed and smiled the whole time. Chloe spent the time on the mat inside playing with the singing mirror, singing enjoyed pushing all the buttons to see what sounds and tunes it would play next.



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