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Welcome to another Friday in the Babies 1 room. We have two little bubbas starting today and we welcome Ruby and Reid 😊

To start the day off Mason arrived with a smile, he was very exited to get amongst the toys and play in the yard with the walkers. When Vance and Alex arrived they enjoyed looking at the gems in quiet area of the yard. Amilla and Conor love the outdoors and used this time to play on the obstacle course and home corner. When Elsie arrived she enjoyed cuddles with Miss Des’ree and the 2 played peek- a-boo.

it was a busy day in the babies room, with the different sleeping routines we took small moments to enjoy group time. In the yard Miss Des’ree greeted the babies and introduced Reid and Ruby by singing “ hello, hello who do we have today – Ruby and Reid want to come and play” .  Elsie enjoyed the sound and moved her torso up and down encouraging Miss Des’ree to sing more songs. We sung:

  • Wheels on the bus
  • ABC’s
  • Twinkle, Twinkle little star

For activity time we opened up the door and offered indoor and outdoor exploration. Elsie was very happy to play outside she crawled out as fast as she could and didn’t stop until she got the wooden stackers. Vance, Mason, Alex and Conor showed off their big grins and went straight for the sandpit. All the boys found themselves a bucket and shovel to dig and explore the sand. Ruby sat in the baby bouncer as Elsie, Mason and Alex welcomed her into the room. When it was Ruby’s sleep time Reid had a turn in the bouncer and was happy when Vance and Alex said hello and gently pat his head. Amilla was content to play in the sand and floated from the sandpit to the play mat, she loved the one piece puzzles and challenged her problem solving skills.

All the babies engaged in the outdoor activities so we closed the door, put our hats on and soaked up the sun

Overall, it has been a great day,

Miss Des’ree and Miss Bronagh