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Today in the baby’s room we started our day playing with our friends from next door. We then ventured back over to our room for our yummy morning tea of fresh fruit and yoghurt.
After our tummy’s were nice and full we opened up the door to the side yard to engage our babies in some inside/ outside play where the babies got to choose where they wanted to pay. While outside Miss Katrina decided to have a small group time with Aston, Charlotte, Chloe and Amelia. We loved singing “3 cheeky monkey, Mr clickety Cane and if your happy and you know it. Amelia then loved having a go on the green push toy, she loved it as Miss Katrina pushed her around the yard.
We then all decided to venture inside and sit down for some arts and crafts of drawing with crayons. Neveah loved sorting out all the different colours and choosing lots of different colours to draw with. Chloe and Aston also really enjoyed engaging in this experience as they got to express their creativity sides. Miss Amy then found a big Australian flag, where we happily participated in a game of peek a boo, Sebastian found this game lots of fun and happy smiled away.
Casey was very cool and relaxed today and seemed to relish in the time outside enjoying the breeze on his face.DSC00056 DSC00057 DSC00058 DSC00059