Welcome families to Friday,

This morning Rudy and Reid enjoy each others company whilst playing together in babies 1 room. Reid and Ruby babbled to each other and touched each others face and hands. Reid likes to super crawl around the room, touching the different toys. Ruby likes to pull herself up on her feet and move herself around by holding on tight to the tables and chairs. Mason enjoys playing with the toy cars and trucks. Pushing them around the floor making car noises to himself.

Outside in morning play, Vance had fun trying to throw the ball at the wall and catch it again. Vance would chase after the ball and
cheer each time. Alex enjoyed running about the yard, he would run up and down the foam blocks and
race with babies 2. Alex then sat on the bike and pushed himself around the yard. Conor explored the cars and trucks making noises for them and racing them around the yard. Conor would push then up and down the soft foam blocks as fast as he could. Alex, Conor, Vance and Mason saw Mr Gill coming with the leaves blower. The boys jumped up to watch him at the gate. Mr Gill came over and gave the boys a high hive. Ruby and Reid explored the yard, moving their bodies around by crawling or using walkers to help them walk. Elsie arrived and explored the musical instruments. she was playing the ‘piano’ and the banging the pots like a drum. Elsie brought the instruments to Miss Bronagh and we sang row your boat together.
Adelin arrived in time for morning tea.

All the children sat on the mat once they had finished their morning tea. Miss Kaycee sat with the children at group time and started with the Aboriginal Acknowledgement to the Country. We followed with the children’s favourite songs:
– Twinkle twinkle
– Hickory Dickory Dock
– Incy Wincy Spider
– Head, shoulders, knees & toes
– Sleeping bunnies
– If your happy and you know it.

All the children sat and engaged with Miss Kaycee. Conor knew the sounds for a sheep. Adelin knew the sound for a dog and Vance knew the sound for a cat. Great job friends!

For today’s planned experience we decided to have dance and movement with self select toys and to play from the child’s interest. The children love to dance so we played lots of movement songs:
– Head, shoulders, knees and toes
– Wheels on the bus – Animal freeze song
– The Wiggles
– We are the dinosaurs
– Shake your sillies
– Baby shark
We then moved outdoors at 10.30am, to let the children run around. Alex and Conor played on the rocking horses singing ‘row row your boat.’  Adelin played in the home corner making
food for her classmates and Miss Bronagh & Miss Kaycee. Yum yum Adelin, thank you! Vance pretended he was talking to his mum and his little sister Poppy on the phone.
Vance then ran up and down the soft foam blocks, showing Miss Bronagh how fast he could run. Elsie sat beside Miss Bronagh with a tub and she tried to open it. With the help of Miss Bronagh, Elsie was able to open it by herself. She repeated this many times before exploring the home corner. Mason sat on the mat and looked through
some story books and then played on the bikes. Mason raced so fast form one side of the yard to the other. Ruby and Reid both enjoyed their nap during this time.
At 11am, we can inside and got ready for our lunch and rest time.