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Today in the baby’s room we started our day outside in the big yard while we waited for all of our friends to arrive, once we were all here we sat down for our yummy morning tea of fruit pizza’s and fruit puree.
With only 5 of us here today we had lots of opportunities for long one on one times with our educators. While outside Casey had a wonderful time interacting with Miss Cheryl he loved playing with the double cupped bocks while making sure Miss Cheryl was nearby. Sebastian was very cheeky wondering from the sandpit over to the slippery slide, Sebastian then engaged with the big building blocks and created a big tall tower.
Chloe and Fynn both had a wonderful time looking and trying to catch the big bubbles Miss Katrina was blowing, bubbles are soo much fun.
After coming inside, we provided our babies with time for self-directed play while listening to music to extend on Neveah and Sebastian interest. Sebastian was very cute dancing and bobbing up and down, Neveah also had the moves cutting loose.
Thanks for a great day, and just a reminder if you could please bring in a family photo for our family giraffe.DSC00601 DSC00602 DSC00606 DSC00608 DSC00611