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Hello beautiful families ,

Happy Friday !! We had such an amazing week in Babies 1 this week. After having a wonderful play this early morning outside and listening some music. Everybody was happy and in a good mood to start the day.  After the morning tea, we decided to finish our Christmas activities, painting fingerprints and footprint. At the same time the babies enjoyed playing with our new wooden Christmas tree. They liked to put the balls through the holes. We enjoyed listening to Christmas songs at the same time. It has been an habit this week. The atmosphere in the room was very playful and relaxing.

Once we were all done, We went outside for a free p;lay. The babies love the big rocker at the moment and they were so many on it that it was hard to swing. they also like to ride bikes and play with the cars. Exploration is one of their favourite thing so they were wandering through the yard and look for toy in the toy box.

Thank you so much babies for a wonderful week.

Miss Elizabeth and miss Aurelie.