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Today in the baby’s room we started our day playing outside in the front yard enjoying the beautiful sunshine and all the exciting activities set up for us to engage in. We loved exploring the new big green frog and had a wonderful time taking turns to climb on it. Sebastian really enjoyed the construction area and liked building the big blocks on top of each other.
To celebrate ANZAC day, we decided to join in with the babies 2 room for a cooking experience making ANZAC cookies. Charlotte, Aston and Casey have a wonderful time. Casey was very curious and inquisitive as he sat on Miss Jade lap, he liked helping to use the wooden spoon to stir and feel the mixture of the biscuit. Charlotte did a fantastic job of helping to measure out the quantities for the mixture and worked very well with everybody else taking turns. Aston was cool and content during this experience and had a great time. Fynn and Chloe to celebrate ANZAC day participated in the hand print wreath. Fynn thought the feel of the paint was very funny and started giggling and laughing as Miss Katrina painted his little hands. Chloe was quite curious as to what was happening with the paint opening and closing her hands.
We then ventured outside to explore the outside yard again. Neveah and Aston were very cute participating in social play together. They were sitting looking at each other moving both their heads close together and then cracking up laughing. It was very funny
Thanks for a wonderful day and have a great weekend.


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