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Happy Friday

This morning the babies started in the babies 3 yard, Mason loved the new environments and went over to the drawing table to explore the colours with his friends. Next, Mason decided to read a few books before going down for his morning nap. Reid arrived next and loved playing doing tummy time on the mat, he looked at all the soft toys that his teacher offered and used all his muscles to reach out and touch them all. When he was finished doing tummy time he went into the bouncer for a little play and enjoyed exploring the buttons and mini abacus. Around 8 am we went back into the babies 1 and 2 yard to finish off the rest of the morning play. When ruby arrived she was eager to explore the world on her tummy she wriggled and giggled until she got tired then rested in the bouncer for a couple of minutes as she watched her friends slowly arrive. Vance and Conor spent the morning climbing and touching the gigantic frog in the yard, they hesitated at first but then enjoyed exploring the musical instruments around the frog. At 9 am Alex went off for his weekly gymnastics session he loved exploring the gym as was full of smiles when he returned.

Mason, Alex, Vance and Conor enjoyed a small group time with Miss Des’ree. Together we practiced our action songs:

  • Open shut them
  • Timmy turtle
  • Twinkle little star

To finish up the group time we did our aboriginal acknowledgment then went off to participate in self selected activities

Today we decided what a beautiful day, lets go into the side yard and have some fun. Mason, Conor, Vance, and Alex ran outside quickly, just as Miss Des’ree opened the door.  Mason and Conor went into the sand pit. They got the buckets and spades and started to move the sand into the buckets. Conor then went over t the lawnmower which he seems to love and pushed it round the yard like he was cutting the grass. Mason then wanted a go, so Miss Bronagh asked Conor to let Mason have a go. Conor let him, Great job! Vance had fun exploring the slide, climbing up the steps then sliding down into the sand pit. Vance stood at the top and shouted, ‘yay’ when he went down the slide. Vance done this multiple times when Alex came over to join him. The two of them stood at the top, laughing with each other. Alex then went over to the caterpillar and played with the coloured balls inside it. Alex climbed into it and started to through the balls out, then he would climb out and pick all the balls up. When Elsie woke from her nap, she was excited to see everyone outside playing and she could not wait to join them. She eagerly crawled over to the door and waited for Miss Bronagh to open it for her. Elsie crawled out to her friends with a huge smile on her face, she crawled over to the sandpit and sat beside Mason. After Elsie played in the sand for a while, she crawled over to Miss Des’ree for some cuddles. Elsie then crawled around the objects and future in the yard and pulled herself up, so she could practise walking around. Fantastic job Elsie! Reid and Ruby had a lovely, chilled day. Ruby had fun playing on her tummy and her back. Ruby give all her friends smiles and enjoyed being around the bigger children.  Vance was very curious of Ruby and Reid, he sat down beside Ruby and just watched her while she was chilling. Vance used his gentle hands-on Ruby and said, ‘baby.’ Reid enjoyed lots of cuddles with Miss Bronagh and just watching all his friends play. Towards the end of our activity time Vance, Conor Mason, Elsie and Alex played a game with the plastic balls. To teach the children about object permanence Miss Des’ree hid the balls in the sand pit and encouraged the children to look for them, As Mason, Vance, Elsie, Conor and Alex found the balls they smiles and showed their teacher their discoveries. Well done! After playing in the yard, we then transitioned back into the classroom for nappy changes and to begin our lunch and rest time.

I hope everyone has an amazing long weekend. See you all next week.


Today has been a great day,


Miss Des’ree and Miss Bronagh