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What are exciting day we have here in the baby’s room today. With our very own balcony being build our babies were very inquisitive as to all the commotion outside. We liked wondering over to the sliding door to make sure things were running smoothly.
After sitting down for our yummy morning tea of fresh fruits and toast we decided to extend on Aston’s interest of music by providing the babies with the musical instruments to play, we then extended further by drawing a mini panino with crayons and chalk. Amelia grace was very clever practicing her pencil grip and loved choosing lots of different colours to draw with. Charlotte also was a very keen participant and did a fantastic job at creating her master piece on the shared cardboard. Nevaeh enjoyed sorting out and playing with the different colours pulling all of the crayons out and then tried putting them all back into the bucket. Sebastian enjoyed using the chalk and happy to spend time interacting.
For our group time we sat in circle with Miss Katrina engaged us with some felt stories, we enjoyed 3 cheeky monkeys, old MacDonald had a farm and 5 fat sausages. Chloe thought these stories were wonderfully entertaining smiling and listening with interest as miss Katrina sang. Charlotte likewise found this activity captivating clapping her hands and smiling broadly.