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Yay Friday today friends, Today we had a special birthday to celebrate. Happy 1st birthday Mason!!

This morning Mason, Elsie and Vance loved exploring the yard the babies enjoyed playing in the yard and enjoyed the quiet corner with the books, soft toys and blankets.

Conor played on the bikes and loved collecting treasures around the yard such as pots, balls and blocks. When Ruby and Reid arrived they used the morning to get to know the teachers next door. Reid got cuddles with Miss Andressa while Ruby got extra cuddles with Miss Marina.  At 9am Alex was happy to have his gymnastics session.

We ran out of time to do group time but this didn’t stop us from singing songs through out the day. The babies enjoyed:

  • Mr peter rabbit
  • ABC
  • Twinkle Twinkle
  • Wheels on the bus

For activity time Miss Marina made us playdough! Vance, Conor and Alex loved the soft dough and explored the texture with their hands. Alex enjoyed squishing the dough while Conor and Vance poked it. Mason baked a cake in home corner while Elsie explored gems on the table.


When the babies got restless Miss Bronagh opened the side door and the babies ventured outside for a play. Conor, Vance, Mason, Alex and Elsie were very happy to use their senses to explore the sandpit. Ruby and Reid took turns in the bouncer and enjoyed soaking up the fresh air with tummy time. Around 11ish we came inside for Lunch and Kira joined us for a yummy meal

We had a great day,


Miss Des’ree and Miss Bronagh