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Hello beautiful families,


We had such a beautiful with the babies today. They were so happy to come at kindy this morning and ran in the yard to find their friends or favorite toy. They liked to give each other hugs in the morning sometimes. Super cute !! They explored the yard and the toy box with their friends from babies 2 and 3 early morning. We also read books and sang Itsy bitsy spider song. The babies liked to play with the cars and push the walkers. We also bounced on the big yellow ball.

After the morning tea, we started an activity with miss Aurelie. We painted some Christmas snowflakes decorations in red. Some of us really enjoyed it so they painted 2 pieces.  Meanwhile they were playing with miss ROse on the mat with the animal from the farms. They also read some books, Itsy bitsy spider and Clickety Chack.

Then we spent some time outside to let the energy out. We crawled on the soft blocks but also ride bikes and pushed the walkers. The girls like to play with the balls and after we were all chasing miss Aurelie around the yard. That was so much fun we laughed a lot.

Thank you so much babies for today.
Hope you all have a beautiful weed end coming up. Enjoy it !

Miss ELizabeth and miss Aurelie