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Happy Friday!

This morning the babies were so happy to explore the toys in the yard. Conor and Vance played with the massive exercise balls and bounced their hands on them. Mason played in the home corner and explored all the cabinets and found a ball hiding, Mason took it out and enjoyed throwing it to wall. Elsie used the obstacle course to perfect her standing skills and loved wobbling up and down. Reid and Ruby did a little bit of tummy time and had lots of cuddles from Miss Des’ree, Miss Bronagh and Miss Jess. When all the babies were happy playing, we brought them inside for some yummy morning tea of fruits, custard and granola. After morning tea Amilla came after morning tea and was ready to start her activity time.

Today we decided to stay outdoors and play as the rain stayed off. Conor and Vance ran out the door over to the home corner area. Conor wanted to make loud noises so Miss Bronagh gave him some instruments that he could make big sounds with. Vance wanted to play with the ball, so Miss Bronagh started to through the ball against the wall. Vance smiled and chased after the ball and gave it back to Miss Bronagh. Conor also came to join in with the fun. Elise was beside Miss Bronagh, watching her through the ball back and forth. Conor and Vance would chase after the ball each time and took it in turns. Amilla loved the outdoor area and explored the instruments first and then decided to play in home corner with the wooden spoons and pots. Mason used his activity time to climb in and out of cardboard boxes. Reid and Ruby used their activity free play to exercise their muscles and have tummy time.

We all had a lovely, beautiful day playing with each other,

See you all tomorrow,

Miss Des’ree and Miss Bronagh