Hello Beautiful families,

Today we spent the day outside, It was a bit warm but nice. We had a nice quite morning doing some art outside on the easel. The babies enjoyed painting like artists and the different colors : Green, yellow and red. They are all artist with a different style to hold their brush and the way they put the colors on the paper. They also had some preference for some colors. Elsie liked to paint with the color red a lot. Rory liked to make big long vertical lines, Oaklyn liked to hold the brushed with 2 hands. Mateo liked the 3 colors equally. Haruto liked to move his brush all over the paper and Connie enjoyed to spread the colors everywhere.

Then they enjoyed the yard with our friend from babies 2. We played on the soft blocks. During this time the babies saw Santa coming in Babies 3. They were amazed to see this big man in his red outfit.Next week he will come in babies 1.

Thank you so much for today.

Miss Elizabeth and Miss Aurelie