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Today in the baby’s room we started our day combined with our friends from next door. We enjoyed inside/ outside play as we get to choose what play space we would like to play in. We also enjoyed listening to “children’s silly sounds” as we sparkled in delight playing with the sports balls. Amelia Grace especially enjoyed this activity as it was her interest for the day.
We then ventured back over into our own room where we sat down for our delicious morning tea of fresh fruit, crackers and puree.
After morning tea, we all sat down on the mat for a group time with Miss Amy. We read “spot loves his daddy” and “dinosaurs galore”. Charlotte was really interested in the stories as she sat on Miss Amy’s lap and helped her turn the pages. Amelia also enjoyed listening to the books and loved babbling and making lots of different sounds with her month.
Today we enjoyed sitting outside for a beautiful alfresco lunch, it wonderful enjoying each other’s company as we dined in the fresh air. We then transition into outside play where Aston enjoyed wondering off to explore the tunnel, he seemed happy to crewel in and out and smiled at miss Katrina as he did so. Sebastian and Fynn likewise relished in this time, Fynn liked being pushed around the yard on the green ride on toy and was very cheeky smiling away.
After venturing back inside Chloe enjoyed sitting down to engage with the musical instruments. She love turning the xylophone over and playing the back of it.


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