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Today in the baby’s room we started our day playing inside with all of our friends from next door. Once we were all here we ventured over to our own room where we sat down for some yummy morning tea of fresh fruit and custard.
For our arts and crafts activity we thought we would foster our pencil grip while using our creativity skills and start on our mother’s day gifts. Neveah had an absolute Marvellous time using the different coloured paints. She liked using the dotting patterns and also liked using long strokes to paint her gift. Aston and Blaze were both keen participants in this activity, and seemed to like using the different colours. Blaze also liked exploring the different texture of the paint with this fingers, having a wonderful finger painting.
We then decided to venture outside to stretch our legs and play in the fresh air. Sebastian made his way straight over to the sand pit where he delighted in playing with the shovel and bucket. He enjoyed this cause and effect type play for quite a while as he sat there calm and content. Max was feeling a little bit more adventures and went over to the castle cubby house to explore what was inside. He was amused to find lots of different sand pit equipment and had a great time engaging with this experience.
After coming back inside Poppy adored spending time with Miss Katrina and Nevaeh on the mat. She liked using the pasta shaker to make lots of different sounds, she also then enjoyed looking at and playing with all the different puzzles. Joshua liked spending the time on his tummy and was very cleaver at manoeuvring around the room. He was very curious about all the different play area’s and was very cheeky smiling back at Miss AmyDSC00140 DSC00141 DSC00139 DSC00134 DSC00130